Last Flight

By: Billie Joe Hatridge, a former resident of Narrow Road Home

Last Flight

It was dusk and cold
As they flew toward the Sun
Together a Lifetime
As they sailed as one

Winter had come
It was time to go
Almost Invisible
Against the Snow

Many miles they would fly
To reach their new Home
Always Together
Never Alone

Losing sight of them
As they faded away
I could hear him calling
As he showed her the way

Then out of nowhere
Loud was the shot
He fell from the Sky
She did not

She called out loud for him
And then circled around
Crying out Louder
As he fell to the ground

Another shot came
She had to go on
A symphone in flight
Became one lone song

An example of poetry by Billie Jo,  a resident at Narrow Road Home, inspired in the creative writing and journaling class held weekly by Bruce Masterman.