The Road Home is Narrow

Participant Lacey Rommens says she’s a success story when it comes to the program at Narrow Road Home.  Rommens says the key is to stop waiting and find a program that works as soon as possible.

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Sharing the Journey

When I sit still and listen, I can hear the calm surrounding me like a warm hug. These walls are filled with love. This house was built for my Fathers glory. He has a precious vision, Acceptance in a way most have never had or felt.

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Nature Walks at Narrow Road Home

The women at Narrow Road Home are on a special journey. Narrow Road Home is a women’s healing house of recovery in peaceful High River, Alberta. We thoughtfully create individualized recovery and treatment programs for the specific needs of each woman who enters our home. We offer an in-house...

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Reducing the stigma of depression

By Lambie J. Carruthers Every Thursday, Narrow Road Home holds an open-invitation meeting where women can feel safe in sharing their stories and experiences. Women in the By Grace group discuss topics such as why women are hard on themselves and the stigma associated with anxiety and depression, said Kim...

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