Walking It Out

Walking it Out is about a women's ability walk back out into the world as a transformed being from the inside out.

Recovery - an on-going life long process

In the final phase of our program inner healing will have occurred on every level that God chose to reveal for each woman to walk into, face and bring Him into the process to heal and seal wounds.

We prayerfully guide each woman to intently focus on the healing needed for her own personal journey. This necessary step is vital to dismantling all of her walls and to also bring unity and cohesiveness to our groups through vulnerability and transparency; thus, acceptance as a collective whole.


Personal Empowerment

Knowledge and education are good, however we have found they are not strong enough to free an individual entirely. This is why relapse is so prevalent.

From the lens of the staff’s personal life experiences and training we have seen firsthand that it is not enough to provide tools and book knowledge to women but to bring them to a place of empowerment and wisdom that they themselves may be able to recognize what they need and when they need it. This is the key to accessing strength and power within as they walk with God on the Narrow Road now and in the future.

It is the role of our staff to walk with each woman who comes our way. supporting her own discovery of God’s plan, purpose and calling for her life. We will walk along side her as completes the program and goes on to graduate to a new found freedom, hence sharing her own story as gift of a life transformed.

Our goal is to offer on-going support and a sense of community, focused on improving long term sustainable recovery once each women leaves our facility. This includes helping women re-build relationships, mend families, continuing healthy lifestyle measures, and reinforcing tools learned during the program.

Request a Phone Interview

The initial introduction to the program is an informative phone interview with one of our Admissions Coordinators, consisting of a general Program overview and Q & A.

Our Residential Treatment Process

Our women’s recovery and healing program promotes customized programming to meet individual needs and life circumstances. Women who enter our home with a desire to seek recovery and long-term healing are committed to this process and make a commitment to a minimum stay of 30 days.

The Narrow Road Home for Women