Women’s Recovery Transformations

In this phase women will be educated on the spiritual, physical and psychological strongholds of unhealthy relationship patterns, negative thinking and self-harming behaviours and material or substance dependency.

The Program - as a Transformation Process

She will learn what her triggers are and where in her childhood and lifetime experiences they took root, established residency in her soul and the hostage taking began. Our highly trained and discerning staff will help her explore these wounds individually and how they have transferred to her family and relationships.

It our desire to bring God into the centre of these issues and have them healed layer by layer until she walks into freedom on the other side.

In this level of the program will do an in-depth exploration of addictive behaviours and mind-sets with dependency on chemicals and other negative coping mechanisms. It is at this point that each woman will clearly understand and define what commitments she believes is necessary for her healing and recovery from brokenness.


Education Awareness & Discovery

Each woman is guided on how to take an accurate inventory of her lifestyle in a safe, supportive environment.

This educational process will include the scientific information about chemical dependencies and its affects on our physical and mental states. At the Narrow Road Home we feel we cannot overlook that a certain mind programming has taken place and has tainted rational thinking processes which would normally desire healthy choices and avoid harmful situations.

Many of the women we serve have been in critical denial of how unmanageable their lives have become. It is our job to bring in truth and to expose the lies in order for them to understand the controlling effects of addiction and unhealthy behaviours. Our staff at the Home is here to expose the denial and replace it with truth so the current defense mechanisms can be replaced with healthy thinking and behaviours.

The most common wounds are: Addictions, Abandonment, Rejection, Sexual abuse, Sexual addiction, Lust, Infidelity, Abortion, Physical abuse, Emotional abuse, Self-Harm and probably most prevalent, Unforgiveness.

As a result, these wounds are the pre-cursors to false beliefs and negative spiritual strongholds in our lives. Almost all dysfunction and unhealthy behaviours can be traced back to an earlier trauma, most often in childhood or teens year,whereby, that loss or event has devastated them. These events can shatter a persons soul and potentially render them paralyzed by fear or under seige in a fierce battle of the wounded heart.

This is our transformation story – not a rehabilitation program. This is a healing home of hope and recovery.

Unlocking the Spirit

We will remain childlike in those hurt places that the light of understanding and healing has not yet shone. The Narrow Road Home was birthed to restore places of loss, grief, sorrow and fear to a place of God’s perfect wholeness and original design. The women will learn this and therefore learn to recognize those broken places and take action, guided steps of taking ownership and responsibility in the recovery process.

We believe in a radical heart and soul change. If it was simply bringing a woman back to her former state she is not fulfilling her destiny; instead we bring in our Heavenly Father to be the lead facilitator to bring about a complete restoration of the body, mind and soul.


Request a Phone Interview

The initial introduction to the program is an informative phone interview with one of our Admissions Coordinators, consisting of a general Program overview and Q & A.

Our Residential Treatment Process

Our women’s recovery and healing program promotes customized programming to meet individual needs and life circumstances. Women who enter our home with a desire to seek recovery and long-term healing are committed to this process and make a commitment to a minimum stay of 30 days.

The Narrow Road Home for Women