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This week’s inspiring Albertan: Janice Armour
Pickle ball player, accountant and recovered alcoholic Janice Armour [...]
This week’s inspiring Albertan: Kimberly Courtney
This week's inspiring Albertan: Kimberly Courtney
Indigenous Mother and Daughter on road to recovery
Indigenous mother and daughter on road to recovery.
There Is Always Hope – Narrow Road Home
Narrow Road Home is a women’s healing house of recovery in peaceful High River, Alberta. We offer individualized recovery and healing programs for women who find themselves in unfortunate life crisis's and need professional support and recovery. We offer a unique, effective approach to inner-healing and spiritual growth with the primary goal being personal transformation.
Narrow Road Home and the Corporate World
There's a stigma around people needing recovery. The Narrow Road Home is a wonderful place for employees dealing with addictions or needing to press the reset button and come for healing.
What Narrow Road Home Did For Me
If you recognize that you have something you're struggling with, Narrow Road Home is absolutely the best place to go.
How Does the Narrow Road Home Give Back?
We have the opportunity to give a starting place to launch women. Transitioning from a life of taking to a life of service, that's where we get to see heroes evolve.
What is The Narrow Road Home?
We offer transitional living programs for women struggling in all areas of life.
Renee’s Story
Renee shares her personal story and journey through the help of Narrow Road Home.
Harley & Gail
Harley & Gail share their story. A family who has overcome together.