Our team

Dedicated & Heroic

Our committed and well-qualified team is dedicated to guiding individuals through a comprehensive, grace-centered process, steering them away from destructive behaviors and towards a transformative, spirit-filled life. Our overarching objective is to address the entirety of a person – body, soul, and spirit – recognizing the profound impact of suffering and addiction on each facet. The staff at Narrow Road Home seamlessly blends professional expertise with personal life skills and experiences to collaboratively devise a customized healing plan with you.

At NRH, our utmost aspiration is to witness the restoration of lives, the healing of families, and the reclaiming of futures, fostering a journey toward a new and victorious life. Do not allow fear, shame, and addiction to diminish your purpose and life calling. The NRH team is here to provide unwavering support, encouragement, and a secure and nurturing environment for you to safely navigate through the process of breaking down in order to be purposefully rebuilt into the powerful individual you were destined to become.

“Blessings have been endless and I have been brought full-circle with a life restored and a sense of self-respect that I never before felt worthy of