Narrow Road Home In High River Almost Ready To Open Their Doors!

From Okotokes Online

A High River home that aims to be a beacon of light for women will soon be ready to open. The Narrow Road Home is holding an open house for everyone to come check out the post-flood renovations and changes.

Narrow Road Founder and life coaching consultant Kimberley Courtney says the transitional healing house has received a lot of support from the community.

“We had a unanimous decision that this could move forward and be rezoned as a residential care facility and just really the letters that have poured in from the people of High River and Okotoks and all in the surrounding Foothills saying that this is a much needed home. This is a place of healing and it really reflects where High River is going.”

Courtney bought the home last year before the flood with the vision of creating a place that could help set women free from the high pressures of life and allow them to press the reset button. She says that the home is not a detox or a rehab facility but it’s something else that many women need.

“It’s often for women who are coming post-treatment or just that need a transitional living place or time. Where they can go if things are not going well at home with their marriages or families but they just need an opportunity to sort of get off of the highway of life and kind of come onto the narrow road, so to speak and spend some time working with women and our staff walking with them through a process of healing.”

The open house takes place on Sunday November 2 from 1 to 4 pm. Courtney says it is a chance for people to walk through the home and get a feel for what the facility is all about.

“This is more for the community and supporters and everyone who just wants to come and see the house and see the changes and some of the renovations and have a feeling for how the house is gonna flow for the women that will be crossing the threshold in a month’s time.”