The Noble Tea House

 The Noble Teahouse

The Noble Residence was built in 1908 as the family home for district farmer, John Noble. He inherited quite handsomely from his father and was able to construct a lavish brick home which was rare in Alberta at the time. The home became the Nurses Residence in 1934 and served in that capacity until 1955. When the High River Hospital was first constructed there were  sufficient accommodations for the nurses, but by the 1930’s space was needed for patients’ rooms in order to serve the growing community. As a result the Noble family home was acquired and used to house the nursing staff until a new facility was built for the nurses in 1955. The residence returned to being a family home for many years afterwards. It then became the bithplace for the Narrow Road Home residential healing facility in 2014 and is now home to the Noble Teahouse which is an extension of The Narrow Road Home.  The Noble Teahouse provides an opportunity for our clients to participate in its operation, to learn new skills, to give back to the community  and to help to re-introduce them to the workplace.

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