Lost By Jessica Harris

Why do we use killer substances to numb? What’s hell to others is Heaven to some. Because for one more hour my heart doesn’t hurt, until sickness starts and I can’t discern. No one understands the bugs that I feel, skin stretched raw this wasn’t part of the deal. I swear it’s me mom, help I’m inside,It’s the demon that stole, cheated and lied!But consequences happen from free will he entrusted, God please this is too much my soul shattered and busted. Quickly heaven turns hell and there’s no sign of my heart, only a shell of a person Satan can be so smart. But Remember hope is a powerful tool, God can heal anyone even one who’s been a fool. So with your last fighting will never deny get down on your knees surrender everything you own… Emotions, environment, people, possessions,it’s already know. Choose life God and love too for Satan creeps in and destroys the you you knew. – Jessica Harris